Diplomate of JSOT / Recertification

Detailed Regulations on the Recertification for Diplomate of the JSOT

Detailed Regulations on the Recertification for Diplomate of the Japanese Society of Toxicology (JSOT)

JSOT Education Committee
Established on Jun. 29, 2000
Revised on Jul. 19, 2003
Revised on Jan. 16, 2007
Revised on Jul. 5, 2009
Revised on Jan. 14, 2011
Revised on Jan. 1, 2012
Revised on Jul. 5, 2012
Revised on Dec. 12, 2012
Revised on May 1, 2014
Revised on Jun. 17, 2014
Revised on Feb. 23, 2015

1. These detailed regulations were established based on the Regulations on the Certification Programs for Diplomate of the Japanese Society of Toxicology (JSOT).
2. Persons seeking continuation of their certification shall make application to the President of the Board of Directors for recertification.
3. Candidates for recertification shall be those who meet the criteria described below.
(1) Maintaining membership of JSOT for the last 5 consecutive years at the time of application for recertification.
(2) Reaching a total of 80 points or more as per the attached criteria within the last 5 years prior to applying for recertification.
(3) Participating in scientific meetings of the category II specified in the attached criteria more than once within the last 5 years prior to applying for recertification. Exemptions from this criterion shall only be made for Diplomates aged 65 or above, or for those under special circumstances approved by the President (this criterion shall be applied to new candidates for recertification in the year 2014 and onwards).
(4) Passing the recertification examination conducted at the time of recertification. The recertification examination, which consists of questions selected by the Certification Examination Subcommittee from certification examinations of the last 5 years, shall be sent to applicants and be collected after a certain period of time. Passing scores are at least 80% correct answers. Those who did not meet this criterion will be allowed to retake the examination one time only and be considered to have passed the examination if reaching the correct rate of at least 80%.
4. Upon receipt of application for recertification, the President shall delegate review authority to the Chair of the Education Committee. The Certification Examination Subcommittee shall perform administrative tasks pertaining to reviewing.
5. The Certification Examination Subcommittee shall review applications for recertification to determine if they meet the criteria specified above in the section 3 and report the results to the President through the Chair of the Education Committee.
6. The President shall consult with the Board of Directors regarding the draft results of the review, make a decision on recertification, and notify applicants of the decision.
7. Applicants shall pay the recertification fee to JSOT within 2 months from the date of the notification.
8. The President shall confirm the receipt of the recertification fee payment and issue certificates.
9. The President shall make a decision on handling of a case where candidates were unable to make recertification arrangements at the time of renewal for unavoidable reasons.
10. Persons who are Diplomates of JSOT at the age of 65 or above (as of December 31 of the relevant year) and also have had the certification for over 15 years may be recognized as “Emeritus Diplomates of JSOT”. Detailed regulations on the recognition of Emeritus Diplomate of JSOT shall be laid down separately.
11. Revisions of these detailed regulations shall be discussed at the Education Committee and be approved by the Board of Directors of JSOT.

Additional Rule
These detailed regulations revised on February 23, 2015 will come into force on the same day.

Eligibility Criteria

CategoryItemPointsUpper limit
(5 years)
IPreparation of certification examination20/time80
IIAcademic activities
JSOT annual meeting
Annual meeting1) of toxicology-related academic society
IIIEducational lecture2), etc. (including lecturer)
sponsored or authorized by JSOT
IVToxicology-related articles3)5/article25
1) IUTOX International Congress of Toxicology (ICT), ASIATOX regular general meeting, SOT annual meeting, EUROTOX annual meeting, Japanese Safety Pharmacology Society, The Japanese Society for Hygiene, The Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society, Japan Society for Occupational Health, The Japanese Society of Veterinary Science, Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science, The Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine, The Japanese Teratology Society, Japanese Society for Clinical Toxicology, Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology, Japan Society of Endocrine Disruptors Research, The Japanese Society of Immunotoxicology, The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics, The Japanese Pharmacological Society
2) JSOT fundamental education course/JSOT continuing education course, etc.
3) Journals shall be limited to those having a peer-review system.